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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Under Water Scuba Diving Rescue team in Nepal

Due to the geographical condition of Nepal, highway's to enter the capital and outgoing transport from Kathmandu have to travel lots of serpentine roads and cross hundreds of rivers in its way to reach the destination. Highways of Nepal are among the dangerous routs to travel through. Every year lots of accidents took place in these roads and buses fall down to these deep rivers in its way. And to take quick rescue operation till Now there are no any official Underwater Scuba divers available in Nepal. Nepal had to Import professional drivers from neighboring country Bangladesh for such needs. In which Nepal had to spend lots of time and money for such rescues.

But now there is a good news According to Kantipur Daily APF (Armed Police Force) had build up 25 member Under water Scuba divers rescue team to do such rescue operation. in command of 2 Inspectors.

They got special underwater diving training from Bangladesh They can make rescue operation deep under 150 meters including Deepwater swimming, Diving, Hi jump in water and remove the obstacles under water like rocks, water plants. They will mobilize in highest risk zone like rivers in Rapti, Trishuli and Koshi.

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