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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sexy Sushma Karki look in Movie - Bindaas

Word can not describe that much while picture says a lot. Look at the Poster of Upcoming New Nepali Movie "Bindaas" Udreko Choli girls Shushma Karki's hot and sexy pose definitely going to start the hot debate. According to some Filmy news Sushma had charged 3 lakhs of Rs for movie Bindas.

After controversy and strong demand to Ban movie A.T.M. do this poster and movie will get green signal from the sensor board ?

Movies based on bold and sex oriented subject became the most affordable and hit formula to make a movie success in box office now a days. Following the trend 75% of new movies in pipeline is made on adult theme.

Bidaas is another adult movie of Raju Giri before "Bindaas" Raju had already directed Chandrawoti which is also an adult movie "Chandrawoti" is about to release with Adult Certificate.

Big numbers of Actors from New Young generation seems quite positive in these kinds of subjects. If media or film critics will question them then regular answer will deliver due to the demand of script of the movie these scenes are added.


  1. she is shameless.Instead of playing this type of movie go to prostitution and do the prostitute job...

  2. what a fuck up shameless girl..........open the prostituion.plz don't play the movie give excuse for other nice heroine.....