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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gai Jatra Program Hitted by Personal Disputes

Comedy actors were busy these days for their performance in Gaijatra Festival. Festival of fun and religious tradition. Different comedy actors from popular television program jointly organizing the program. But due to the personal disputes among Sitaram Katel (Dhurmus) and Kedar Ghimeri (Magne Budha) they are performing with different groups in same name Meri Basai. 
 It is said that due to personal disputes they are not shooting for program together. They were shooting with different cameras and location and at the end each part had been mixed to make show complete.

When news came in media that "Meri Basai" is going to end their show in Television then they clarify that there is no problem with each other and they are good colleagues and they will not separate so that show will end. But now when they are perfoming with different teams in different venue then  people realize that there is no good relation remaining in their duo team.

Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus) is performing  with "Tito Satya", Jire Khursani team in Pragya Bhawan Stage with name "Tite Jire-Meri Basai" and Kedar Ghimeri (Magne Budha) performing with "Jyai Kuti Jyai" and "Jai Hos" team name "Jyai-Kuti-Jai Hos-Meri Basai"

Tradition of Comedy stage programe had been base in Nepal for Jaijatra Festival. In which different actors perform in stage. It is said that Jaijatra is the day when anyone can make a joke to anyone including hi-officials of the governments. 
It was a golden period when "MAHA" Madan Krishna and Haribansa Acharya duo shows their performance in Gaijatra Festival. Tickets were booked months before the show. Shows become houseful due to hi-demand in Public because they know that "Maha" perform best in team.

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