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Monday, August 6, 2012

Rail traveled Jainagar to Janakpur without a Driver in Nepal

"Kahi Nabhayeo Jatra Hadi Gauma" as it popular line in Nepal. This may be the first time in the history of Railway not only in Nepal, in whole world. Railway scheduled to transport from Jai Nagar (India) to Janakpur (Nepal) traveled without its Driver. Scientist are spending billions of dollars in investing possibilities to run transportation like car, bus, plane automatic without drivers but success is far away from them, may be from this incidence they will get good lesion for further investigation in this matter hahaha ……… just joke!!!!

According to news it is said that during this travel Rail crosses 7 stations and more than 24 bridge in the way in speed of 50 km/hr normally it runs 10 km/hr. We must thank to god that railway had been stopped safely in Janakpur by our brave Security Personals from Nepal .

They made different obstacle in the railway-line putting thousands of iron rods and change the track of railway to control the speed of Rail and stopped safely.

According to Engineer, Rail is drive by assistance-driver instead of main driver, after reaching Jai Nagar, assistant driver switched off the engine of Railway but he don’t know that transformer of the railway also had to switch off . When he started engine in time to return and came down to fill the bottle of drinking water then rail catches its speed and run from their without a driver.

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