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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Heaviest athlete in London Olympic- Ricardo Blass

Heaviest athlete in London Olympic 2012 is from Guam, his name is Ricardo Blass (218 kg) and he is a Judo Player. I guess he must be the heaviest athlete in any Olympic held till now. He looks like huge sumo player as it use to be in Japan, One joke is famous and common In olympic village these days that Ricardo weight must be greater than whole ladies gymnastic team from Japan and interestingly we must say that its true.

Ricardo who is 1.85 meters tall and 218 kg weight, is known as ‘The Little Mountain’ on the tiny island in Micronesia that is his homeland, and on first impression he looks like one that would be impossible to move.

In the match Ricardo succeed to enter the final 16 in more than 100 Kg.category, Due to his huge body people is expecting him as undetectable winner but he lost his game with player from Cuba who is half in weight than Ricardo.

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