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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yarsa Gumba in Kathmandu

Movie Yarsa Gumba releasing in cinema theaters and multiplexes in Kathmand from August 12, 2012. Movie is directed by Rajendra K.C. he completed his training of Film Making Studies from Australia. So we can expect some high from him as he trained from abroad

According to the director movie is based on reality no virtual story or characterization is included in Story. So film is said to be picturised in real location and the actual Yarsa Gumba collector had been used as an actor in this movie Including that C.D.O and Chief of Police from Rukum District has also played an important role in this movie.

Story tells how hundreds of people from whole village put their life in danger in search of  Yarsa Gumba in heart throbbing hills. Not only that they after collecting Yarsa they also had to fight back to protect those Yarsa from those local villain who are in search to Rob those Yarsa from Local Collectors.

Movie is directed by Rajendra K.C.starring Ganesh Upreti, Pradip Budhathoki, Rajeev Himashiva, Pubi Gi.Si. Script written by Krandan Chapagain.

What is Yarsa Gumba ?

Yarsa Guma is popularly also know as Himalayan Viagra. This Rare and Precious Herbs found only in hi-altitudes of Himalayas and commonly know as Yarsa Gumba in Nepal , .

Yarsagumba literally means summer plant and winter insect (dong cong xia cao) in Tibetan. This herbs are highly demandable in international markets used as Alternet of "Viagra" and other rare Medicines so the cost of Yarsa Gumba is unbelievably high
Yarsa gumba is an exceptional combination of a yellow caterpillar and a mushroom (fungus). Just earlier to the rainy season, spores of cordyceps fungus infect these Himalayan caterpillars that live on moist grass and hollow soil. After the fungus buries itself in the caterpillar’s body, it works its way out through the insect’s head. The parasite gets the energy from the caterpillar. The fungus parasite gets so much into the body of the caterpillars’ that it drains all the energy from the insect and ultimately it dies. As temperature increases and the snow melts -yarsa gumba emerges and is collected at this time. During monsoon, the yarsa gumba is swept away.it is used as an aphrodisiac and treatment for ailments such as fatigue and cancer,

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