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Friday, August 10, 2012

Crazy Fan of Rajesh Hamal – Abhiruchi Budhathoki

After brief interview of Abiruchi Budhathoki published in popular weekly Saptahik about long term die-heart fan of Super Star Rajesh Hamal we actually came to know about the popularity and fan following of Mr. Hamal in Nepal, we remember one incident recently which took lots of media coverage. In which one married lady claimed that She is the Wife of Mr. Rajesh Hamal and Rajesh is also a father of her children. In this incident Rajesh faced lots of problems in which he have to face the police to clarify the matter and lastly it has been proved that this was just an scandal and lady was mentally ill.

Rajesh Hamal and Abhiruchi Bodhathoki
Photo :Saptahik
Now, one young lady who is just 19 years old saying that she is the die heart fan of Rajesh Hamal and she also mention that want to be wife of Rajesh .Though there is lots of age gap between them.

According to her she was die-heart fan since when she was just 3 years old. She has lots of photographs with Rajesh Hamal when she looks cute little baby till now.

According to Abhiruchi when she was just 2 and half years old she watched Rajesh Hamal's movie "Gopi Krishna" first time in Theater with her parents. First impression of heroic person that was printed on her mind was Rajesh Hamal when she called Rajesh Hamal as Rajesh Dada at the time.

In Gopi Krishna Rajesh played a double role, according to Abhiruchi when she saw that Rajesh was dead in the movie she lost her consciousness. Her parents took her to doctor for treatment, but doctors suggested her family to visit Rajesh hamal Personally with Abhiruchi so that she will believe that it was just an movie. After listening the problem Rajesh agreed to meet Abhiruchi personally then only she regain her consciousness Abiruchi Said.

Many time she had meet Rajesh Hamal then after. With climbing the stage of maturity her crush in Rajesh increases day by day, They meet in shooting, in Rajesh's home and lots other destination. May be Rajesh meet her because she was cute little kid and crazy fan but now when she was young and showing interest in marriage with Rajesh, and this issue was published in different medias Rajesh keeping distance with her and avoiding to meet her.

Read Full Interview of Abhiruchi Bhudhathoki in SAPTAHIK by Bidur Khatiwoda

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