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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Angry Man Bite Snake to Death in Nepal

Angry Man Mohamad Salmo Miya from Bardanga village, Nepal took an revenge with poisonous snake to death, Incident took place Tuesday evening when 55 year old farmer Mohamad was working in his farm when an poisonous big white Cobra bite him in his leg. When he saw that the bite was from snake he chase the snake and bite the snake to death it is hard to believe but this was a really incident took place.

This is quite amazing news which got lots of national and international coverage that after biting from human snake was dead. According to Mohamad he had heard somehow in past that if snake will bite the man then if man will bite that snake then poison will not effect to the man and he did that. But to all our viewer we want to Aware that Don’t event try this stunt, this is totally in-scientific you may be in danger.

Tarai region of Nepal and India are highly danger zone in summer seasons from these poisonous snakes every year appx 20,000 people bitten by snakes in Nepal.

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