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Friday, August 17, 2012

Bindas Sushma Karki- Is Under Age ????

hahhaha .......... its really funny have you heard that Bindas Girl Susma Karki will not watch movie Bindas in theaters because She is under age. After lots of Editing finaly Censor borad of Nepal agreed to pass the movie with "A" Adult certificate which means under 16 are not allowed to watch the movie. And according to News sources Sushma Karki is under 16 which is hard to believe but as we say "don't ask the age of girl" OR "Salary of guys" we have to believe that she is under 16.

After most Controversial poster of "Bindas" published in media lots of criticism faced by Bindas Girl Susma Karki, may be this was the good way of Publicity to gain the public attraction to the movie, but one thing we must say that if under 16 cant watch the movie then how she is allowed to work in such movie, or doing hot and intimate scenes in movie who is committing herself as under age ???? Realy Amazing .... what do you say guys post your comment below.

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