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Friday, April 13, 2012

Salhesh Flower - Only appears ones a year in Nepali New year Eve

There are thousands of tree inside the garden but this flower only appears in one of the Haram Tree which shapes like a garland (Phool Mala). We can view this flower for one day only because in next day it fades away.

Salhesh Garden is one of ancient garden which is 3.5 km away from Lahan District (Tarrai). Garden is in rectangular shape covers 14 acres of land which is believe to build in 5th century where legendary hero salhesh always use to visit with his beloved love "Dauna/Deena" Princess of Morang and daughter of King Maheswar Bhandari.

It is said that Dauna/Deena could not get the love of Salhes throughout her life so once a year she comes as beautiful flower in this garden to meet Salhesh.

Thousands of peoples from Nepal and India come to visit this garden in New Year Eve of Bikram Sambat to view the "Miracle"

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