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Monday, April 16, 2012

Ghost and the story of Hunted House in New Road

Arrow showned to Ghost House in New Road (Photo: ekantipur)

In the heart of Kathmandu, New Road one news spread as jungle fire one person to another that Ghost had beaten the Person in New Road frighten the people hardly.

From long time that house was empty; no people live in that house because people believe that ghost used to live in that house.

According to News sources, Camera person of Avenues television Mr. Basu Satyal was schedule to shoot in that house to break the myth that House is hunted by Ghost. When he view out from the windows of that "So called" ghost hunted house, rumor spread that ghost had beaten the person, and thrown out form the window of that house. Within a few minutes peoples around the new road started to closed their shops in fear of ghost.

Thousands of people came to see the ghost so hole day New Road suffers from heavy traffic jams. Heavy Vehicles are diverted from the gate of new road. Lots of Police persons were motivated to control unwanted activates. They were very busy in giving the security to the area and to control the traffics.

When some people asked to explain the incident then camera person Satyal said that it's just the rumors nothing is like that.

But still people are curious to know the mystery about this incident and about that hunted house in New Road.

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