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Monday, April 16, 2012

Meenakshi Thapa Murdered in India -Struggling Actress from Nepal

Nepali actress Meenakshi Thapa had been Murderd in India. Meenakshi Thapa was struggling actor and want to establish a career in Bollywood industries. She worked in some of Commercial ads and one horror film named "404".

Two people had been arrested in this case by Crime Branch Mumbai, Named Amit Kumar Jaiswal and Priti Alvina Suri according to news these two are also struggling actors.

Amit and Priti meet Meenakshi during the movie they worked together and became casual friends. Meenakshi used to tell them that she belongs from rich family in Nepal and just Working in movies as hobby.

Priti and Amit was suffering huge financial crisis and one day they made a plan to kidnap Meenakshi and earn good money as Ransom. In 13th of March Amit and Priti convinced Meenakshi to go with them to shoot Movie in Allahabad. From that they Meenakshi was missing.

After few days kidnapers ask Meenakshi's mother that they kidnapped Meenakshi and if they denied to give 15 Laks of Indian Rupees they will make an "Porn film" of her or kill her.

But after few days Meenakshi's body had been recover from Water Tank and head from Public Bus.

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