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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Philips Award winning LED Bulb has 20 years of Life – Cost 60$

How long your electricity bulb survives 3 months/4months or if you buy CFL bulbs then it will hardly work for 1 year.

Now Dutch Philips Company discovered an LED light bulbs which will work and average for 20 years. This was an award wining bulb made by Dutch company Phillips in this bulb instead of filament advanced LED technology has been used to reduce the power consumption. The 10-watt LED bulb (light-emitting diode) was deemed an efficient alternative to the standard 60-watt incandescent bulb, and rated to last 30,000 hours.

American Department of Energy organized a competition named "Bright Tomorrow" in which participating company had to provide low power consuming bulbs instead of normal 60 watts bulbs. U.S government competition seeking to replace the common 60 watts and more power consuming bulbs by the end of 2014. 100 watts and more power consuming bulbs are already banned in America and Europe. 60 watts are also going to remove from the production.

Bulb won the US Department of Energy's "Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize" available from retailers for $50, down from an initial $60 price tag. The company said it was planning discounts to bring the cost down to as little as $25.

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