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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chandrawati - In Line of another Chapali Height

LinkActress Shashi Khadka

After huge success of Controversial Movie like Chapali height and unsuccessful ratio of old story trend used in Nepali movies now Nepali film makers looks to be attracted in Stories with lots of adult contents, intimate scenes and controversies.

Chandrawati would be another movie in list of Nepali Cinema after Chapali height which will create "Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment" factor as it said in Dirty Pictures.

Sensor Board had given an adult "A" certificate to the movie which clearly indicates that what we can expect from the movie, release date of movie is yet not fixed but the controversy chapter had already opened in the market.

As in news there is one very intimate bed scene picturised between Actress Shashi Khadka and Actor Ayus Rijal. Actress Shashi Khadka said that, scene was not in Script but director convinces her that scene will not added in movie without her permission. And now after shooting Director and producers are refusing to erase that scene, she further said that she will wait till the release date of the movie and if producers will go on in the line to destroy her career then she could take and legal action to them. But producers are claming that scene had been shooted in permission of her and it is a significant part of the movie and now it is not possible to delete because that is a keyword of the movie to attract public to the theater.

As we remember in past lots of controversies had been made before release of Chapali height digitally altered Poster of Actress Binita Baral and Cold war between Producers and Actress succeeded to gain lots of public interest and in end Film became a huge box office Hit.

In the case of Chandrawati also we can say that this hole issue also may be the publicly stunt to revise the same success story.

These types of controversies became the key factor these days to gain public interest. Clashes and fight story between crew members like producer, director and the actress of the movie had proven to be a positive factor in the success of a movie.

Movie is made under Gosaikunda Films banner

Produced by Sanjay Bulun and Pradeep Bhatta

Directed by : Raju Giri

Star Cast : Aayush Rijal, Sashi Khadka, Rajesh Hamal , Kushal Thapa, Yuna Upreti, Rejina Upreti

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