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Monday, April 9, 2012

Meat of Ostrich available in Kathmandu -2500 Rupees per KG

Ostrich in Farm

Eggs of Ostrich

Meat of Ostrich

New Taste in Town Meat and eggs of Ostrich will now available in Nepali Market for Meat Lovers.

One private company situated in Bhairawah Rupandehi started commercial Ostrich farm two years back and they committed to supply ostrich products within 2 years as they promises now we can taste the meat of Ostrich in Nepali Market

Ostrich meats have lots of positive facts, it has low cholesterol, non oily, high quantity of vitamin "C" and minerals which are healthy for our body.

Ostrich are originally found in Africa and farmed in many foreign countries for meat and other products. In Nepal this was the first time.

You can buy ostrich meats and eggs from Achano Meatland first online meat shop from Nepal which is situated in Kapan, or you can buy online from http://achano.com

Price of Ostrich meat is 2500/- Rs per Kg and Eggs of Ostrich 3000/- Rs per piece.

If you are fed-up with Buff and Chicken items and want to taste something new then this will be the best item for you though price is little bit expensive for Nepalese.

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