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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buddha Image on Shoes - Makes people Angry

After one American company "American Icon Shoe Design Company" printed an image of Lord Buddha on shoes Buddhist associations of Nepal, political parties and local people had strongly condemned this. Not only in Nepal after news published people around the world has also expressed deep concerned in this matter and appeal U.S. government to take quick and strong action to band the product to reach the market.

In webpage of Amazon.com this product is listed for sale in different models of male and female. You can view it from here : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product

Buddha who was born in Lumbini, Nepal is also an International icon of peace. Not only Buddhist community Millions of people from world worship Buddha, no body had rights to hurt the fillings and sentiments of people in the name of business. This is totally ridiculous and out-of-mind concept to run the business, It is humiliation of the contribution of peace and philosophy of Gautama Buddha to world.

The International Buddhist Community is deeply disheartened to see Buddha's images on Shoes and Handbags. This is a disrespect for whole Buddhist community and the concerned Businesses have no sense of respect and consideration for other beliefs and religion. This is a great disgrace for entire Buddhist community who are trying hard to preserve and promote their religion.

Buddhism is our religion like any other beliefs. What is Jesus to Christian and Allah to Muslims, Buddha is to us, the Buddhists. We are sure no one would like to see one's religion icons on foot-wears and apparels.

We, the International Buddhist community would like to see the concerned business houses, designers and production companies immediately stop using any type of Buddhist images on any of their goods. We want the concerned companies to pull-out all existing catalogs from their retailers or online shops and stop selling such goods which is against the sentiments of all Buddhist around the world. Additionally, we do not want any companies to repeat such disrespectful action in the future.

The Nagadesh Buddhist Group, Madhyapur Thimi has expressed anguish and objection to the manufacturing of shoes bearing Buddha image by an US shoes company.

The group in a press communiqué published on Thursday stated that it is stupid to make shoes with the image of the Mahayana Gautam Buddha, the apostle of world peace who attracts faith of billions of people across the world.

It is an inhuman, ill intentioned and stupid action without rational, it said.

The communiqué published by the Group Secretary Krishna Kumar Prajapati demanded that the US government should take stern action on the company. Likewise, the organization also urged UN to take proper action while drawing its attention towards it. RSS

Share this and make aware people not to buy such things.

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