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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

55 window palace, Bhaktapur opened for public once again

Out side view of 55 Jyale Durbar (55 windows Palace)

Inside view of 55 windows Palace Bhaktapur (55 Jyale Durbar) : Pic. Source ekantipur

Out side view of 55 Jyale Durbar (55 windows Palace)

World Famous Monument in Bhaktapur 55 windows Palace is opened for public once again after 25 years. Lots of tourist and local visitors visit Bhaktapur to see this world class monument but scenes it was damaged by the big earthquake in 2045 it was closed for pubic but after necessary reconstruction and renovation it is finally open for public.

Place is said to be build in Napal Sambat 828, form inside its an wonderful world class example of wooden sculptures and handicrafts which is decorated by precious and ancients hand made paintings of gods, goddess and lots of other wall painting depicted the ancient civilization culture and wall paintings of ancient kings during jungle safari with elephants.

Its open only ones a week in Tuesday for now so don’t be late to see that you have never imagine before.

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