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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today's Semifinal Spain Vs Portugal- Euro 2012

Big day for Football lovers today because two Giant name in Football is clashing for placing in Final of Euro-2012 today. I am in favor of Spain because the playing techniq, beautiful short passes and amazing moves in opponents post attracts most in this Euro by Spain for Me. As it use to say Beautiful Football !!!!!!!!

Though Portugal is not also a bad team they also play good football with their Star Striker Cristiano Ronaldo who had scored 3 goals in this Euro and placed name for Adidas Golden boot award he is the strong contender for Golden Boot if he scores in today's match then he will be the top scorer till now. So he is the player to watch today.

If we see past matches when these two team clashed. In Worldcup 2010, Spain defeated Portugal by 1-0 in Africa to win the Cup. But recently before 5 months when these two meet Portugal defeated Spain by 4-0. So Portugal is not an easy contender for Spain.

Nepali Fans had to wait for 12:30 midnight when lots of Nepali People sleeps. They had to control their eyes open to watch the Match between two Giant in Football live today.

Happy asleep guys!!!!!!! And Vote for your Favorite team in Right Side.

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