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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Euro Semifinal Germany Vs Italy

Who is your favorite team tonight. I am in favor of Germany in Next Semifinal Germany is facing Italy. Italy defeated Germany in Home ground 6 years back in World cup Semifinal. So Germany will be in mood to take revenge against Italy.

Germany is showing a terrific performance in this Euro they enter semifinal without loosing a match so confidence level of German player is bit high but if we see past ratio when these two face each other than in Big Matches Germany fails to win against Italy.

Striker Marioa Balately and Italian Midfielder Pirlo will definitely create a trouble for German Defense. Pirlo's cheap Penalty shoot against England was quite in lime-light among football critics and Fans.

In German side Star Player like Mesut-Ozil, Swanstizer, Mario Gomez and Striker Misoslav Klose will definitely create a trouble against Italian Defense.

So midnight Clash between these two Powerhouse of Football will definitely be a big event for all football lovers in Nepal too.

Nepali Fans had to wait for 12:30 midnight when lots of Nepali People sleeps. They had to control their eyes open to watch the Match between two Giant in Football live today.

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