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Friday, June 1, 2012

Indian Idol -6 starting from 1st june 2012- Popular in Nepali viewers too

Popular Television singing reality show Indian Idol will began from today (1st june, 2012) in its 6th season.

Indian Idol is also one of the popular television program among Nepali audience too, when Nepali Origin Prashan Tamang from Darjeeling participated in Indian Idol lots of people from Nepal and people from the states of India where majority of Nepali origins lives like Darjeeling, Gangtok Sikkim show their full support to promote and vote for Prasant Tamang in Indian Idol. With the popularity of television reality shows, SMS voting by the public has become a new form of choosing the winner.

For Prasant Tamang people from these area jointly organized a SMS campaigns and promotion campaigns in support of Prasant, huge numbers of votes came from these area and in result Prasant Tamang won the title of Indian Idol-3.

Winning the title Prasant got lots of opportunities to work in Music videos, playback singing in Hindi and Nepali songs and now he is a busy in Nepali Film industry as popular actor.

After Prasant Tamang, Guy from Sikkim Kapil Thapa also participated in Indian idol and gives his taught fight to win but he ends in 1st runner-up of 4th season of Indian idol.

I love First few episodes………….

Mostly the first few episodes when thousands of people compete to participate in Indian Idol I love most. In these episodes besides the talented singers some participants really entertains us with their X-FACTOR who rather don’t have singing talent but they entertain the viewers and judges most with their funny singing abilities, their get-ups and behavior in front of camera are really enjoyable ….. I guess for viewers and judges too especially the combination between judge Anu Malik and these cartoons are really full entertainment. What do you say guys………….????

Judges and Host for Indian Idol 6

The judging panel for this season are Anu Malik, Suleman Merchant & Singer Sunidhi Chauhan going to Host by Popular hosts Mini Mathur and Hussain Kujerewala

are you going to watch .. post comments below

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