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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pushpa Basnet another CNN HERO from Nepal

Puspa Basnet with CNN Hero Award 2012

Yet another CNN HERO from Nepal, Congrats to Pushpa Basnet for her great achievement and work to gain the maximum votes across the world to win CNN hero for 2012. Before Pushpa Basnet, Anuradha Koiral from Nepal was CNN Hero of 2010.

Her emotion was out of control when she declare the winner she said, This is for my children and this is for my country Nepal she said in her acceptance speech after holding the title. Thank you so much everybody who voted for me and who believed in my dream"

Pushpa received $250,000 as title award plus $50,000 for being in top ten of CNN Heroes that each of the top 10 heroes received.

Who is Pushpa Basnet?

Pushpa Basnet in her Center
Pushpa Basnet is lady from Nepal who runs not profit organization called Early Childhood Development center in Kathmandu where Pushpa Basnet helped those innocent children who have to live in Prison for a guilty of their parents, these innocent who had done nothing wrong and punished for the guilty that their parents have done.

Pushpa Basnet took these children out of prison in her shelter for normal life which they deserve her Early Childhood Development Center provide food, home, education and medical facilities to provide every child a happy and their space of open sky so that they can survive as good citizen in future.

Since 2005, Pushpa has helped more than 140 children through her nonprofit center. Salute to this great CNN Hero Pushpa Basnet from Nepal you had make us proud to be a Nepali and wish great success in your future endeavor.

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