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Friday, December 21, 2012

Hot Interview with Pujana (Stree) Pradhan in Saptahik

Have you grab your copy of Popular weekly "Saptahik" this Friday if yes then you might have already read her hot interview, if not then some of my fav. answer is here (read below)  Bold and frank Pujana have given lots of hot and intimate scenes in movies, she had started her career as dancer in Restaurants before she joined Nepali film industries. She used to be on controversies for her bold image and Frank Behavior. She was in controversies for the poster of Rakshya which was recently make public in which we can see pujana with backside nu ..de, but she claimed that poster had bee digitally altered (Head of Pujana and Body of Somebody else) and express her Outrage to Producer and director of the movie if it was not removed from the poster then see will send a legal notice.

Question:  You are the Dancer First ??
Answer: Yes

Question:  How do you feel when somebody says that you are dancer in restaurant for just Rs 2500 salary.
Answer:  I don’t feel shy, otherwise I can request media that please don’t make it public, when my father left my mother, she suffered a lot to survived financially, when I came to know that, I started my career in garment factory as Packing Labor for just 900/month, when somebody offered me 2500 to work as dancer in Restaurant I was quite happy.
Then after I worked in casino for 10000 Rs/month and 15000 in Restaurant for double shift .

Question: You don’t hesitate to give hot and intimate scenes but you said sex relation is not good?
Answer: I had already said that nobody will come to theater buying a ticket to see me doing meditation and yoga.., If people likes to see my body then what can I do ??

Question: You are in controversies for you hot scenes in movie Raksha ?
Answer:. Oh ! that is nothing If good  Director offers me to give shot without clothes I don’t mind, but scene should demand that shot in movie.

Read Full Interview in Kantipur Saptahik from here : http://www.ekantipur.com/saptahik/article/?id=9269

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