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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dhurbe a True story of an Elephant

Dhurbe became quite popular these days every body is talking about Dhurbe, National and International News channels like BBC, Daily Mail, Routers, Indian, Pakistani, all the medias has covered the story of Dhurbe. Wall of Facebook are full of comments of Dhurbe people are sharing comments by twitter and Blogs. Everybody want to know who is Dhurbe and what is the story about it. So from my blog i am also going to share something about Dhure today................

Who is Dhurbe ?

Dhurbe is the name of Jungle Elephant living near the Jungle of Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Life was going normal Dhurbe was just an normal elephants as other elephant he used to come near the National park one day Dhurbe came in close with the Female Elephant of Chitwan National Park an elephant used for Tourist for Jungle Safari. It is said that love story of Dhurbe and Female elephant was going on they are enjoying their company they are spending pretty much time together they was living happy , One day officials and Employees of National Park decided to separate Dhurbe from the Female Elephant because of hamper in their business, time when Dhurbe tried to came near that Female Elephant they chase Durbe away these Behavior irritated  Dhurbe a lot he became arrogant and he lots his consciousness and Frist time Dhurbe killed a Army Guard Named Ranbir Dong, and Dhurbe was named as Ranbir-Eleplant by local people, later on he became popular as "Dhurbe" Killing Army guard was not an end of this story this was just beginning of Dhurbes Arrogant behavior, in these three years of time Dhurbe killed more than 15 local people around Royal Chitwan National Park.

Local Authorities and Security personals tried a lot to control Dhurbe, they used tranquilizer and placed Radio detector in body of Dhurbe, they cut off the long trunk of Dhurbe many times they chase away Durbe from local people to Jungle so that People will live safe but killing was not ending.

Local people are continuously protesting against authorities demanding to control or to kill Dhurbe because Dhurbe became the killer now. After protest of people government authorities ordered to kill this Mad and arrogant Dhurbe they send security forces to jungle but till now they are out of success. Security forces also placed a trap of female elephant on way so that they can control or kill "Dhurbe"but till now success are far away. When they chase Dhurbe, he disappear in the Jungle and later on Suddenly came on residential area and kill people. Dhurbe became the headache of the people now

One time Unofficial News was flashed that Security force shot bullets in the body of  "Dhurbe" but till now body of Dhurbe has not been identified by security forces, Security forces searching the jungle and around the clock till now "Dhurbe" has not been found live or Dead.

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