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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vote for Shristi Shrestha for Miss World

Till Now with 1,31,656 votes Miss Nepal Shristi Shresti Sthrestha is among the top position to win the Multi Media award in Miss World. In this category who will score the highest likes in official facebook page of Miss-Word she will Win the Title so Common All Nepali People please vote your precious "Facebook likes" to Shristi to win the "Multi Media Award" Till now Shristi got Whooping..... 1,31,656 votes.

If she win this Award category then she will enter the final 50 and participate in Final Stage. Shristi also succeed to be in top 10 for "Cultural Dance Round"

Contribute your vote for her You can vote from Here : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miss-World-Nepal/297574443671301?ref=ts

Previous Miss Nepal's Malvika Subba, Sweta Singh, Sadikshya Shrestha, Sugarika K.C. and Malina Joshi are joining hands for Shristi's Voting Campaign.

If she wins then like our previous Miss Nepal's Shristi will not return home Empty. According to News Shristi has huge Possibility to win some more title, lets Cross fingure may be the she will be "Miss World" title Pray for her……………

Due to small height and hurry preparation till now our Previous Miss Nepal 's could not succeed to cross even the first level of Miss World competition but Shristi has good height (5 feet 10") and cute looks so possibilities are high for her.

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