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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gaurav Thapa received 100,000 dollars from Mohamed bin Hammam ?

Gaurav Thapa

Mohamed Bin Hammam

Elder son of Ganesh Thapa (President of ANFA) Gaurav Thapa received 100,000 dollars from Mohamed bin Hammam, president of AFC. Gaurav is working in AFC from 5 years and participated in organizing committee of different football activities.

After news hitted National and International Coverage Ganesh Thapa refuse that it was an bribe from Mr. Hammam, Ganesh Thapa further said it was true that transaction had been made to an personal bank account of his son but it was just an loan to short out the family matter, and till now he had already paid back the loan.

Mohamad Bin Hammam was accused of buying votes during campaigning to elect in Post of President of FIFA against Mr. Sepp. Blatter current President of FIFA.

After that Hammam was suspended from AFC by Disciplinary committee of FIFA.

But Hammam defended himself and cased a file against action taken by FIFA in which Court of Obstruction for Sports (CAS) hearing was in favor of Mr. Hammam.

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