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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rekha Thapa's Malatiko Bhatti | with Exclusive Trailer Full HD

Rekaha Thapa starer Malatiko Bhatti is going to release in more than 55 theaters around the Country from Asar 13. In Malatiko Bhatti, Rekha is Bhatti Sahuni film is said to be portrait the life of Bhatti saunis, how people came to bhattis to enjoy or how bhattis became destination for those who are in seek to relief from their tension life with families and circumstances.

In Promotion videos some dialogues we can see are little bold but enjoyable like
If you love to have Whiskey then what is the purpose to enter Malatis Bhatti?
Malatiko Hatbata Baneko Raksima Jun Nasa Chani Sir, Tyo aru Silpak ma Kaha
When Malati puts money in her blouse as local people use to do then costumer says Tyo paisa jastai Bhagya Mani Huna Payeta Mapani Kasto Tato Ma Bastheye Hai?
Hamle kunai Sadhan Prayog Gareko Bhaye Hunthyo Hai, Katai Garva ta Basdaina?

Malatiko Bhatti is Written and Directed by Ganesh Dev Pandey who had worked in some of Bollywood Movies and Popular Serials of Sony as Assistant Director so expectation is high from him. Movie is produced by Pradeep Kumar Uday.
In lead role Jeevan Luitel playing a guy suffering from family disputes and how he enters Bhatti and Meet Rekha Thapa is the tag line of the story. Nandita K.C. playing a wife of Jeevan Luitel. Other supporting casts are Sunil Thapa, Uttam K.C. Ayub K.C., Laxmi Giri, C.P. Paudel and R.P Bhattarai.

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