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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Worlds Oldest Handmade Football in Smith Museum and Art gallery

Worlds Oldest Handmade Football from 15th century made by leather of Cow inside tube is made from pigs bladder. This football was found inside the queens chamber in Sterling Castle which was build in 1540s and now showcased in Smith Museum and Art gallery for visitors.

According to Manager of Museum Michel Megnis King Jems 4th brought 4 footballs for his 4 Royal Palace and this foot ball is one of them so this football is the rarest and precious treasure from ancient world. Form the diary of queen Mary (Queen of Scots) Historians said that she use to play football and golf in her child hood so it is believe that this football is among the royal toy of queen Mary.

Smith Museum and Art gallery showcase this football once a week for public so visitors can touch this historical footballs allowed to carry this ball in their hand and pose for photographs.

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