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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Missing story of Air Craft of Buddha Air – Just an Rumor .

Have you ever heard this beautiful song sang by Anada Karki "EE HALLA HARU HUN TIMILE SUNE KA" why I am remembering this song because of one news that shattered all the national news channels of Nepal yesterday (10 May 2012) that One Airplane of Buddha Air named Beach craft 9, in the way to Janakpur from Kathmandu is missing Breaking news had been flashed in the bottom end of all news channel

Some local people informed that there is cloud of smoke seen in Kapurthakur of Sindhuli so may be Plane had crashed in that area local police and security forces had been mobilized, till that time lots of hustle and bustles that May be plane had been crashed due to Bad weather.

But some time after all the scenario had been cleared Authorized person from Tribhuwan International Airport clarified that No plane is missing all are in connection with Tower due to bad weather some plane had diverted and some plane delayed to land in Airport but all Planes had landed safely and none of them are missing,

hhhhuuuuuuuuuuu……….. at last all scenario had been clarified, its just the rumor, who had spread this rumor no one knows, but we must think that what effect had done to the family who are traveling from that Beach Craft plane due to this news???? how they suffers from this rumor ??? no one know …….. but thanks to Airport Authority they clarified in Media soon and controlled the situation .

And last we want to revise the song once again "EE HALLA HARU HUN TIMILE SUNE KA"

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  1. wow great i have read many articles about this topic and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work!