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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sharukh Khan Banned for 5 years For Misbehaving with Security Guard in Wankhande Stadium

Sharukh Khan has been banned to enter in Wankhede Stadium for 5 years after misbehaving with the security guards of stadium. Previously MCA (Maharastra Cricket Association) officials demanded to life time ban for Sharukh but MCA President Vilasrao Deshmukh agreed to make it for 5 years after committee's emergency meeting in this context. But final decision will be made by BCCI. MCA also said that Ban can be lifted if Sharukh will apologize …. but Sharukh is not in mood for apology he said why I will apologize they should apologize because they misbehave with me not I …..

What Happen Yesterday in Wankhede Stadium ???

Guard Said : After winning the match with Mumbai Indian in Last night's IPL Match Co-owner of Kolkata Night Rider Mr. Shahrukh Khan was in ground with some of his supporters and bodyguards. Some children's were still playing in the ground and he told those childrens that its closing time of the ground without permission of authorized person no one is allowed to stay inside the ground after the match.

So he said them to go outside of the ground to play, meanwhile Sharukh came and started arguing with him telling who is he to tell them to go out, "Apne aaukat me Rahe" Sharuk misbehave him and used some bad words. We can hear some words of Shahrukh in Television footage also which was telecast by different New Channels of India. In this recording we can hear Shahrukh saying "Tu Janta hai Mai Kaun hu" , "Tujh ko mai yahi Gad Dunga" "Teri Boss Ko Yaha Bula" etc…. Security Guard said that Shahrukh was drunk at that moment and abused him with foul language.

But Shahrukh denied that he was drunked at that time or his behavior was Incorrect. According to Shahrukh that guard misbehaved with childrens including Sharukh's daughter who were playing in side line of the ground along with bat, guard certainly came and pushed them back Shahrukh said guard misbehave with kids. So he just protected the kids and give him an answer. He agreed may be he use some wrong words too.

If Sharukh is right then we also must think that who will remain cool if somebody misbehave with your kids in front of you, do you remain cool and step a side don’t you react and protect your kids ???

Celebrities are also human and they also love their children being Celebes should Sharukh remain silent tolerating misbehavement with his children in front of him ??? See pictures you can watch some kids in ground too..

In this case FRI had been launched against Shahrukh in Police Station but further investigation will clarify who is right

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  1. Your blog was really refreshing, and I always looked forward to reading it. I
    might not be fashionista myself (mostly cuz I cant afford all that stuff), but it
    truly made me happy to read your views on sharukh.