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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Airfair Airways Real or Scam ?

It has been hot topic now, not only in Nepal but in India, Bangladesh and some of South Asian countries now. There was Advertisement in popular daily news paper from Airfair Airways or Airfair Academy UK which claim to offer training for cabin crews and general airline work for Air Fair Airways which is said to be starting later this year.

Lots of people saying that, this is just an scam, fishing jobless people from south East Asian countries because they know that they are disparate to do jobs in Developed countries like in America or in Europe, where as some of them claming that company is not scam its genuine.

Before you go through job offers made by these company you must get some knowledge and think twice before you loose something.

I want to share some of the logic and popular discussion made by participants people from different countries like Philippines, India, Nepal & Bangladesh in cabincrew.com about these issues :

1) think they are scam...trying to collect money from jobless candidates... logically if you just check their website, office in Switzerland and India doesn't have phone numbers...also if you check their office location in google map, its totally in a residential area

2) I have made some searches....in the locations that they have provided there is no any corporate office or other address of offices are correct....those address contains other hotel training institutions....

3) Also, their grasp of the English isn't the least bit professional. There are missed spaces, incorrectly spelled words, their use of the @ symbol is heavy, and you find that very few professionals will use the term "British Pounds", they almost always put prices (in British pounds) as £000.00 GBP.

One user in this discussion given his some strong points which is quite thinkable that why they believe its an scam

1.Not registered in the IATA (International Air Transport Association)

2.Companies don't contact a huge no. of candidates through mobile numbers.

3.Says their corporate office is in uk and the contact no. is a mobile number again......

4.No company interviews a candidate with one question and then selects them for a GBP.24000 per year job offer for freshers. UK is facing a recession right now...and getting that amount of salary would only be in your "LALA land"

5.Their website is "www.fairairways.com" which is very dodgy indeed and has only one page with no links and no other information... the model on the right side of the page is from British Airways,,,,even the pictures in the www.fairacademy.co.uk is from Brirish airways"

6.Anybody can create a paypal account and lure people to pay money in it. Airline and other big companies never use paypal, they provide their Bank details and address instead...

7.asking money beforehand and promising to release more information after payment is not an ethical business practice .... Please consider on this matter wisely...

8.They don't have any offices or any other personnel representative in any other country...

9.It would be impossible for a new airline to serve on 36 destinations at first...imagine how many air crafts would they need??? just impossible....

10.This is a part of a well planned professional scam .... i must say they are really good in this(whoever they are) ... imagine fooling 500 people from one country and asking them to transfer "£75 + £250" ..how much do they get??? £162500 already....wow now that's a huge profit.......

11. All applicants get selected so easily.....gets the same interview questions....how more obvious can it get ???

I don’t claim that its an scam but better to know before you loose some thing. From here you can join the discussion forum, about this issue.

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