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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Computer Baba and Facebook Baba in Kumbh Mela

On auspicious occasion of Kumbh Mela Thousand of Babas and Devotees participated in holy bath, not only babas millions of people participated in this holly bath festival it is believe that who will take holly Bath during this festival all the Sin (Paap) and negative energy in body will wash out by holly energy. Due to Huge participation in this Festival there is one all time favorite joke and script still in popular in Bollywood movies that "Kumbh Ke Mela me Bichede Huwe Bhai" track story.  Today I want to share some babas with different and unique name that had participated in this Kumb Mela

Facebook Baba
According to one popular hindi portal Baba who’s original identity name was Mahant Rabindranand Saraswoti also participated in Kumbh Mela who is actively participating in today’s social network like facebook and twitter and Facebook Baba said that he love to be online in facebook and twitter with his laptop to interact with people.Babas who use to be meditation (Dhyan and Dharma) for long time how some body get to interact with these Social Networks sites, its really interesting.

Computer Baba
Baba’s used to be main attraction in this Holly festival of Kumbh Mela in India Beside of thousand of other common baba, Naga Babas During this years festival huge people were also attracted in compter Baba Akhada (Place) who loves to spend lots of time in his laptop his name is Shre-Shre 1008 Mahamandaleshwor Computer Baba. Who use to travel his journey most by his helecopter in Kumbh Mela also he demanded authorities to give permit to land his helicopter in Kumbha Mela as he travel most in Helicopter.  But it is said that Authorities denied to give permission to land his helicopter in Mela.

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